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The Nri Kingdom

Picture of Eze Nri, Nri Enwelana II, Obidiegwu Onyeso is placed here. NRI KINGDOM is the oldest Kingdom in Nigeria. It was founded around 900AD by the progenitor, Eri, the son of Gad. According to biblical accounts, Jacob had Leah as his wife who begot four sons for him. When  Leah noticed she had passed child-bearing age, she gave her maid – servant, Zilpah to Jacob to wife, and through Zilpah he had a son named Gad. Gad then bigot Eri, who later formed a clan known as Erites vide Genesis Chapter 30 verse 9; 46 verse 16 and Numbers chapter 26 verses 15-19. Eri was therefore amongst the twelve tribes of Israel via Gad....  read more

Cheif Onyeso - N.W. Thamos 1913

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10/8/2015      Industrial Revelation Goes to New Orleans, Outer Space and a Medieval West African Kingdom

Historically, the Kingdom of Nri is known as a peaceful, medieval West African state whose leader used no military force over his people. “They were just about acceptance and love,” Industrial Revelation drummer, Lewis explains. “We liked this idea, especially paired with the idea of liberation, which is also the read more »

3/29/2014      1st Igbo World Festival of Arts and Culture

Council of Igbo Speaking States in Americas [CISA] is set to host the 1st Igbo World Festival of Arts and Culture. This epoch making event which now holds on July 24,25, and 26th, 2014, at Igbo Farm Village in Staunton, Virginia, U.S.A., is the first ever festival of arts and read more »

1/28/2007      Christian Okoye starts The California Sports Hall of Fame

A son of NRI and former Kansas City Chiefs running back Christian Okoye has founded The California Sports Hall of Fame. The California Sports Hall of Fame inducted its first Hall of Fame class on January 28, 2007. Christian Okoye also serves as president of the organization. read more »


Hattiesburg-Universityof Southern Mississippi assistant professor of history Dr. Douglas Chambers says he doesn't expect his colleagues to treat him differently since he was made royalty by decendants of the king of an ancient African civilization. read more »

4/19/2005      Nigeria studies distinguish USM assistant professor

HATTIESBURG — An assistant professor at the University of Southern Mississippi has been made royalty, but he jokes that he doesn't expect any special treatment on campus. Douglas Chambers, who teaches history, has been made a traditional chief by the descendants of an ancient African civilization after he spent years read more »

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